Cyclic Fashion / by mark bruce

It is popular belief in both fashion and the interior design world that hot trends tend to repeat themselves in a cyclic fashion.  What might seem outdated today could well be popular 20 years down the line once again. While a natural ebb and flow in styles often dictates what is popular, nostalgia also plays a pivotal role in dictating the direction of what is "in".

Retro is making a big come back in recent times as designers are quickly turning towards décor and prints of the past to add colour to contemporary spaces.

If you are not comfortable with a dedicated retro theme but fancy adding one or two special pieces try a retro styles Smeg fridge with a matching colour scheme.

Many design experts believe modern art deco style is also inherently vintage, as post depression 1930's saw the advent of glossy surfaces and delightful curves.

You can borrow elements that fall in different eras ranging from the early 1920s to the late 1980s.

Do not worry too much about strict guidelines to era when designing a retro kitchen, playful but functional is the key.